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Team Brood Scaler V2 Limited Edition 2017 35 Turn

Team Brood Scaler V2 Limited Edition 2017 35 Turn
Team Brood Racing
Team Brood Scaler V2 Limited Edition 35 Turn Epoxy Balanced Slotted Armature!!!

Just for you scaler guys, the sought after V2 can with angled brushes that reduce comm wear and produce crazy power.

This Limited Edition Features a new for crawling feature of a slotted armature. Years ago, Marc Rheinard used an armature like this to win the Touring Car World Championships. The slot in the arm basically frees up the arm as it rotates through the magnetic field. In crawling it will mimick a 4 magnet can to a degree, but you won't lose as much drag brake as you do with a 4 magnet can....since the arm has less steel, there is a little loss of torque, but they produce more overall power.

Also, having gone over Epoxy Balancing before, these are Epoxy balanced so we are NOT removing any more steel, as with the slot a decent amount has been removed already.

Only 8 Motors are being made...8 lucky souls.

Shaft is engraved with wind.

Limited Edition Sticker

Here are the specs

2 Magnet High Torque Can
V2 Sprint Brushes
5mm Slotted Armature
Epoxy Balanced with Armature Dye
7.5mm Comm
35 Turns


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