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Pulverizer 20 Turn

Pulverizer 20 Turn

Pulverizer 20 Turn

Machine Wound 550 3 Slot straight Motor.

KV Ratings - No Load with 5 Volts @ Zero Degrees 

12t - XXXX KV

14t - XXXX KV

20t - XXXX KV

25t - XXXX KV

Don't compromise performance, buying into other "motor tuners" gimmicks. Go with Team Brood Horsepower, real knowledge - real wins.

General Motor Specifications
Poles 2
Magnets Dual C6
Brush Style Standup
Voltage Input 3.7v-14.8v
Break-In 300 seconds at 3 volts, 30 seconds at 3.5 volts
Armature Specifications
Construction Machine Wound
Lamination Size .014"
Stack Design Straight
Slots 3
Web 3mm
Commutator Size 7.5mm (.300") Small
Wire Type Copper Round
Balance Type Drill
Motor Dimensions
Weight 8 ounces
Length 63mm (2.48")
Diameter 35.85mm (1.41")
Shaft Size 3mm (1/8th)
Mounting Pattern Standard 540/550 M3x25mm
Pulverizer 20 Turn
Machine Wound 550
3-Slot Straight
Dual Magnets
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