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Axle Buster

Axle Buster
Axle Buster
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Axle Buster
Axle Buster

Each motor is custom built from the ground up, beginning with Exclusive teardowns. The armatures are hand wound with precision by the best in the business using optimized wire gauges for ultimate horsepower. Each armature is epoxy dipped to ensure durability and drill balanced to a zero tolerance for the smoothest power delivery possible.

The assembly process is a rigorous one involving hand shimming, precise brush hood alignment, low impact break-in, and dyno testing. The result? Positively THE MOST POWER you can strap into your truck.

Don't compromise performance, buying into other "motor tuners" gimmicks. Go with Team Brood Horsepower, real knowledge - real wins.

General Motor Specifications
Poles 2
Magnets Dual CB12
Brush Style Standup
Voltage Input 3.7v-14.8v
Break-In 570seconds at 3 volts, 30 seconds at 3.5 volts
Armature Specifications
Construction Handwound
Lamination Size .014"
Stack Design Straight
Slots 3
Web 5mm
Commutator Size 7.5mm (.300") Small
Wire Type Copper Round
Balance Type Drill
Motor Dimensions
Weight 8 ounces
Length 54mm (2.125")
Diameter 35.85mm (1.41")
Shaft Size 3mm (1/8th)
Mounting Pattern Standard 540 M3x25mm
Axle Buster
Handwound 540
28mm 3-Slot Straight
Dual Magnets
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