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Wheel Sploosh

Wheel Sploosh

Wheel Sploosh 4 Ounce Spray Bottle

Team Brood Wheel Sploosh is a specially formulated protective coating for RC wheels and plastics. It supplies a long lasting water-resistant durable protective coating that will help ward off scuffs and stains to your RC wheels. Its unique formula blocks out the elements while letting you dial the shine up or down to your liking. Keep your wheels looking new while on the track!

Can be used on plastic, rubber, and vinyl. Will not harm lexan, but may affect sticker adhesive. Do NOT use on metal wheels or parts.

Easy to use spray bottle applicator.


Clean wheel surface, spray on clean rag or directly on wheel.  Wipe off excess with lint free towel or rag. Gloss may be reduced with additional buffing until desired finished is achieved.

For Safety Information and Warnings please visit

Wheel Sploosh
4 Ounce Spray Bottle
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  • Model: TBR-SPLOOSH

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